What is Fureai Concert?

Since 2003, we held concerts at schools and concert halls in the whole country for the purpose of culture support, assistance in education and welfare support of people with disabilities as a social contribution from sponsors. With the support of sponsors, we continue activities to make you feel closer to music, by producing around 10~20 concerts a year with local organizers.

Information about the next performances

Fureai Concert
Full-scale concert held at concert halls for a reasonable price.
Delivering the magnificence of music being loved through the ages.
Fureai Program
Going to schools all over the country in order to deliver popular classic music, really close and in front of children.
At this important moment, through the music, it is possible to nurture the children with a rich heart.
Fureai Market
We provide support to workplaces for people with disabilities. At the lobby of the concert hall, we offer the opportunity to sell handicrafts, sweets, etc. all handmade. Thanks to this, we work on expanding the "circle of local support" in welfare.

Artists who participate at Furei Concert

Privet Trio
Interweave of opera singers voice

Tenor:Kazuma Kudo
Baritone:Vitaly Yushmanov
Piano:Hiroko Kohno


誰も寝てはならぬThe Tenor Singer Kazuma Kudo, who participates at Fureai Concert, has just released the song "Nessun Dorma" from the Opera of Puccini "Turandot" on several digital platforms.
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aoi trio
Aoi Trio
Their strength is recognized by the world!

Violin:Kyoko Ogawa
Cello:Yu Ito
Piano:Kosuke Akimoto


quartet mucho
Quartet Mucho
Master of strings as expected from young generation 

Violin:Karen Kido
       / Shunichiro Fukuda
Viola:Saki Ishida
Cello:Urara Katsuki


yoshida kyoko
Fureai Trio

~Kyoko Yoshida & Friends~

Violin:Kyoko Yoshida
Cello:Genichi Watanabe
Piano:Mitsutaka Shiraishi


Inquiry about "Furei Concert" can be made through the following link.

Sponsors/Cooperation Companies

In addition to them, we also get the support and cooperation of local companies at each "Fureai Concert" venue.